Launch of the M-Pharma application in Kigali City, Rwanda

The launch of the M-Pharma application took place on Friday, June 11, 2021,  due to the covid-19 virus problem, the meeting was online, which was attended by faculty and students of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, leaders of the WorkXP Foundation, and a Rwandan team to monitor the implementation of the project from Kigali.

The topic of the study was a joint look at how to launch and introduce the M-Pharma application to the people of Kigali, and start using it on their phones to help them access medicines and pharmacies without having to travel long distances.

Mobile view of M-Pharma application

The meeting began with a reminder of what M-Pharma is? M-pharma is a mobile application that connects pharmacies across the country and allow patients to know the nearest pharmacy which has the right medicine that the doctor ordered. The M-Pharma application will help users not to waste time searching for medicines in pharmacies, and will also help them avoid covid-19 by not having to travel long distances to buy medicines.

They also explained how this application works on phones using its prototype and how users will be able to access it and install it on their phones.

Here is the link to our prototype

The Kigali Implementation team has promised us that it will start encouraging pharmacies and the people of Kigali to participate in the use of this application as it is very important for them.Related: payday loans no bank verification, qdro attorney orange county, univision deportes comentaristas, texas tech football coaching staff directory, erie police department, inefta reid stony brook, is judge judy married to samuel jackson, arkansas high school basketball player rankings 2020, little shop of horrors audrey 2 puppet, is pregnacare breastfeeding halal, gregg fedderson cause of death, florida man september 30, 2003, tirosint and acid reflux vibramycin, bradford exchange lawsuit, is tim atack married,

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