Work Experience Foundation intensified its international partnership activities for global development since 2015, as a social change organization, that wants to contribute in an innovative way to the” Global Goals-SDG’s, adopted by the United Nations (UN – Global Goals 2015 – 2030). Within the Work XP Foundation, Global Goals are translated into the local context through a practical application of sustainable development projects and concrete actions, which make people, see and experience that the sustainable development goals are inextricably linked to our daily lives.

Civil society organizations and youth in the South play a key role in our ambition to achieve a fair and sustainable society. Together with Southern partners we identify, develop and implement innovative and sustainable projects.


To encourage and creating the next generation of professionals and experts in different domain, for a sustainable society.

We are convinced that civil society organizations and youth people in the South play a key role to achieve global goals for a fair and sustainable society. We believe in the potential of young people in emerging countries and that qualitative education, knowledge sharing and practical experience are closely linked to economic growth and sustainable development.

We strive to become an international innovation Hub of capacity building and enabling young people to maximize their talent & potential leadership and dreams.


Our mission is to mobilize through multi media, the Multi Helix partners (government, higher education and companies ) for create a strong civil society, which stands up for citizens’ needs and rights and in doing so contributes to improving the social contract between government and citizens. Furthermore, strengthening the capacity of young people to develop their knowledge and implement it for positive change in society.

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