Work Experience Foundation First Graduation, Projects Presentation & Kigali Tech Talk

December 19th, 2019 WorkXp Foundation, an experience hub  with a mission to encourage and creating the next generation of professional experts and entrepreneurs launched the “Kigali Tech Talk” a get together and knowledge exchange event, where captains of the industry and youngsters meet for inspiration, exchange and mentor ship.

This event organized and led by WorkXp Foundation and various partners in the sector is the first edition of its kind.

With a mission to provide IT courses needed on the current market & to inspire and empower people to do things they never thought were possible. Our aim is to train 25,000 coders for the next 5-10 years. WorkXp Foundation implements a hybrid learning approach of online learning and on-site workshops.

As it was seen in today’s event, WorkXp Foundation trainees graduate with solutions addressing community challenges. It’s projected that 10 years from now WorkXp Foundation will give birth to 1250 startups from graduates of their program.

The main purpose of this event was to connect young people (youngsters) and young tech entrepreneur starting out to captains and experts in the sector to explore opportunities, possibilities and partnerships that can be forged to advance much quicker and this kind of skills will give a big challenge to reach on our sustainable development goals which has power to end poverty. On top of that event is a platform we provide to young people to get visible and have them up on stage for success of their ideas and innovations and this help them to perform better. This event targets captains, gurus and experts in the tech sector who are willing to share and exchange expertise with youngsters

as well as youngsters who are ready to be mentored and guided into a successful career which will help us to reach on the SDG’s Goals.

The first edition that took place on the December 19th, 2019 was a complete success. Not only the attendance was impressive but as well the speakers who talked to these young entrepreneurs and technologists were top notch. Among them included: Dr. Alfred Uwitonze Head of department Computer science UR-CST, Mr. Ruti Lecturer at African Leadership University, and Joseph Semafara CEO SolveIT Africa.

It has also been a great occasion for WorkXp Foundation to issue certificate to 38 graduate of their program that were trained for the last 6 months.

“Kigali Tech Talk that was launched will continue to happen and the vision is to make it more multi-partner to have many stake holders on board to have it grow faster and stronger.

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