WORK EXPERIENCE HUB Rwanda in partnership with ULK had visitors from the Netherlands

On Friday 18th May 2018, WORK EXPERIENCE HUB in partnership with ULK had visitors from Netherlands /Eindhoven.

They reached at Kigali independent University at 2h30 pm,

The purpose of the visit was:

  • To see and make a follow up of how work experience hub works,
  • To see how far the activities and trainings of Work experience hub are
  • To see the impact of work experience in community especially in Kigali independent University (ULK).
  • The impact of Work experience in creating jobs in Rwandan youth.

The visitors welcomed by Dean of science and Technology in Kigali Independent University Dr NDAYAMB AJE Pius.

Dr.NDAYAMBAJE Pius with visitors

Dr.NDAYAMBAJE Pius started by showing them how Work experience hub improved the skills of students especially of Computer science who are gathered in ICT CLUB.

He said that now our students will not need to look for jobs after graduating in University, after school they will be able to create their own jobs because of the skills and mentorship received from work experience Hub.

He continued by telling them that, skills given buy Work experience are not learnt in Class, they are not in our programs while they are mostly needed on market, so we really thank this team of Work experience and ARA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY said Dr NDAYAMBAJE Pius.

Mr Rob Van Mierlo was very interested of seeing the impact of WORK EXPERIENCE in short time as he said.

He wanted to know the total number of students who attend the program of work experience, and one of the student representatives in ICT Club/ulk told him that they are between 100 and 150 members in ICT CLUB, and according to the course schedule, interested member register and come to follow the course.

He suggested that the program could go in other institutions like National University or Other Universities. He said that he will talk with Anastase in order to see if this program can reach in other institutions.

After a very successful conversation, Dr Pius thanked them for their initiative and heart of helping young generation and they agreed that they will continue to work together in coming years.

Mr Rob and Work experience hub representative, ICT CLUB/ULK coordinator took time to visit different labs used by students once they are learning ICT skills.
WEH Team Rwanda

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