Launching of ICT Club in ULK, in Collaboration with CISD & ARA-TECH Work Experience Hub

Launch of ICT Club in ULK (Independent University of Kigali) on 8th March 2018,

The event has started from 2pm to 4pm. And it was attended by some students ‘members of new ICT Club , members of CISD &  ARA-TECH Work Experience Hub and members of ULK administration and honorable guests:

  • Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics INGABIRE Grace Balinda
  • Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology Dr,Pius NDAYAMBAJE.

Honorable guests of the day!

Speech of ULK Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics Dr.INGABIRE Grace Balinda

ICT club members gathered in 5 groups thanked those who attended and showed what they are planning to do and to achieve in the future. It was obvious that they were eager to know more in order to have the required ability on work market as well as helping them to create their own jobs.

They also demonstrated that they will help others to know and they will achieve this by trainings (short courses) that they will prepare to help them acquire knowledge on Information and technology, and help their peer students who study in other faculties which are not computer science in training them giving them basic knowledge on IT.

Photo: Attendance of many students

They also presented to the attendees some of what they achieved, and that included 2 applications which are DevPlug and Uniscript.

They will achieve that together with Work Experience Hub which will train them in different courses  include advanced programming, web development, web design, Mobile application …which will help them to move theories into practice  and also will help them not only to be better at work market but also empowering them to create their jobs.

Speech of NTAGANZWA Roger, representative of CISD & ARA-TECH Work Experience Hub
( WorkXP- Rwanda)

The representative of ULK administration Dr Pius Ndayambaje thanked the attendees (students and Work Experience Hub) and promise them for every help they will need in order to make the club successful.

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